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Alix Dufresne

A gifted young graduate (2014) of the National Theatre School's directing program, Alix Dufresne is interested in both dance and theatre, and makes dramatic use of nontheatrical objects such as novels, poems, voodoo chants and soundscapes. In 2014 she presented Les paroles (The Words) by the Australian playwright Daniel Keene at Théâtre Prospero, her first encounter with Marc Béland, who was one of the actors. During an artistic residency at the Centre du Théâtre d'Aujourd'hui, she created Nuits frauduleuses in 2017, a piece based on works by Quebec poets from generation Y. In 2018 she staged the Geneviève Petersen novel La déesse des mouches à feu working with a dozen adolescents, a show that won the 2017-18 Critics' Award.

« Hidden Paradise is a spirited interpretation of a powerful argument that deserves retelling. An absurd, chaotic, and thoughtful performance would interest a wider audience thant the subject matter suggests. Keep an open mind, enjoy the madness, and heed the message. »

 – Jilian Reynolds, Montreal Theatre Hub (Canada)

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