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Corps noir

Corps noir is raw immersion in intimacy. The human body staged in a mad collection of props and objects representing a variety of textures, resonant materials, images and voices, like so many metaphors of identity relayed by a state-of-the-art technology that allows for superimposing, embedding, and fusing. This bazaar of the subconscious and of memory presents the reassembled, disjointed or dislocated pieces of a fictitious self that lies somewhere between solid and liquid, frosted screens, ice and water, warmth and cold, obtuseness and transparency. In Corps noir, the artist reaches the hidden portion of a multifaceted corporeality – the accursed portion…perhaps; the portion that belongs to Eros…beyond the shadow of a doubt. In physics, a black body is defined as an object that absorbs all light that falls on it, at all wavelengths. Stéphane Gladyszewski chooses to become the medium of the message, to expose his inner self and to produce an exploded self-portrait based in the complexity of a star-studded identity and the phantasmagorical constructions of the psyche.

This “solo on the self” would have delighted surrealists. This is a towering work of art – part performance, part theatre, and part dance; from each it borrows forms to create a new kind of show where the physical body is cast in doubt by an abundant immateriality.

– Inter:art actuel (Montréal)

Conceptor, video creator and performer Stéphane Gladyszewski

Supportive performer (at creation) Elizabeth Emberly

Project assistant and projectionist (at creation) Justine Ricard

Lighting designer Yan Lee Chan

Sound designer Jean-Sébastien Durocher

Artistic consultants Marie-Stéphane Ledoux and Julie Andrée T.

Programmer Alexandre Burton

Production Stéphane Gladyszewski 

Executive producer DLD - Daniel Léveillé Danse

Coproduction Tangente, Agora de la danse, Cirque du Soleil

With the support of Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Canada Arts Council

Development DLD - Daniel Léveillé Danse

Created in 2008

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