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Étienne Lepage

Étienne Lepage graduated in Dramatic Writing from the National Theatre School of Montréal in 2007. He is an author, a translator and a transdisciplinary creator.


It’s with his 2009 work Howl Red (Rouge gueule) that he made a brilliant entrance at the theatre. Since then, this young author, gifted with sharp skills, gives voice to a helpless generation and describes uncertain, lost and terribly human characters.


Based in Montréal, his work is presented all over North America and Europe. The Elephant's Pen (L'Enclos de l'éléphant) – that won the AQCT (Québec Theater Critics Association) Award – Robin and Marion and Stories to Nightmares (Histoires pour faire des cauchemars) are just a few of his many noteworthy creations. Their astonishing richness and diversity have revealed his huge talent.


Ainsi parlait... and Logique du pire are two artistic projects created in collaboration with choreographer Frédérick Gravel. They have been published in November 2016 by Dramaturges Éditeurs:

''Ainsi parlait… and Logique du pire are texts unlike any others. They come from several small disparate ideas. They took shape and morphed through contact with space and performers, and they finally took their meaning somewhere during the representations.'' - Revue Jeu

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