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Nicolas Cantin

Nicolas Cantin did his training at the Avignon Dramatic Art Conservatory and has long used improvisation as a tool of performance. His passion for acting has been nourished by his encounters with Mario Gonzales, Philippe Hottier, and Tapa Sudana. He has performed in several theatrical productions in Europe.


Trained in clowning and masks, Nicolas Cantin is at the crossroads of many disciplines and puts together works that are refined until only the heart of the matter is left. Like an obsessive lab assistant, he captures the simplicity of life but then proceeds to slowly dissect it until the outer edges of boredom are reached. Every time, he is addressing intimacy in its most secret aspects. And whether his discourse touches you or makes you uncomfortable, it always hits the bull’s eye.


With the radical and dark Mygale (FTA, 2012), Cantin was exploring the most troubled areas of emotional impairment that had already been presented on stage in Belle Manière (2011) and Grand Singe (2009). With this trilogy named “Trois Romances” (“Three Romances”), Cantin, who is originally from France, has made his mark in Montreal. In 2005, he performed in Jachère, a solo choreographed by Christiane Bourget that won a Paula Citron Award in Toronto. He made a few live appearances with Glass House and Falaise before dancing for Frédérick Gravel (Tout se pète la gueule chérie, FTA, 2010). He also co-signed the Les 7 doigts de la main circus solo Patinoire and supervises students at the Montreal National Circus School and the National Theatre School. He is also the sound designer of his own works.


In 2014, he is artist in residence at L’L (Brussels), at Montevideo (Marseille) and at Usine C (Montreal). With the support of these institutions, he develops Cheese and Klumzy.

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